Partner Coaches

Anu Ravi

I am a leadership and agile coach who has won the ‘ Leadership agility’ global award from world agility forum and ‘ Diversity and Inclusion’ award from Jobsforher. Having experience of around 21+ yrs, I have led and managed technology teams to provide value to the customers. I spend a lot of time coaching and mentoring, and have taken up leadership roles in WICCI, GHCI, BCIC and share my knowledge on various forums as a speaker. I believe that ” every individual has immense talent and when channelized and nurtured, it will result in great outcomes for the individuals and the organization they are associated with.

Arun K Paspuleti

I am a change agent, coach and trainer with over 19 years of experience in IT industry. My specialization lies in leadership coaching and agile ways of working. I have coached over 100+ teams to make them self-organizing, self managing and high performing teams. I am an avid reader and a continuous learner by heart. I believe in growing people and helping them develop their strengths. I look for opportunities to share my expertise and also help create a safe place for people.

Shanti Sharma

I am Learning professional with 24+ years of work experience out of which 22+ years have been dedicated to Learning and Development (L&D). Experience ranges from end to end management of the L&D function to supporting organizational development initiatives. I am super passionate about developing and growing people, and have taken to Coaching to create an impact. I intend to evolve in the space to Therapy and have just started my journey in that space. I would want to leave a legacy for being a compassionate and empathetic leader who invests in the growth and development of people.


Sivananda Reddy

I am a Life & Leadership Coach, motivational speaker, and mental health specialist whose passion is to help people to realize their true potential through his coaching mastery. I have helped many professionals and individuals to make a positive shift in their personal and professional lives.