My Story

My Story

Does my story sound familiar?

I always had a purpose in life and glad to have made a career as well as be a homemaker. I worked towards creating a balance and understood pretty early in my life that there is nothing called as work-life balance, rather it is always a work-life integration where you just need to make a priority call. Being a working mother, I added a lot of skills and capabilities that enhanced me as a person. My career and life put me through ups and downs, it took courage, unlearning, learning, perseverance and doing away with limiting beliefs to be successful and happy in what I do in my life. My transformation as a Coach/Mentor is an outcome of many personal and professional life experiences and challenges.

My passion towards coaching has led me to enable and empower people and lead change through their personal and professional transformation.

I have spent numerous hours to mentor and coach people to move towards a better way of living. The love and respect that I have received from the people inspired me to create my own transformation journey as a Life and Leadership Coach which culminated in “Liberated Mind”.

In my aspiration towards continuous learning and growth, I got myself certified in –

  • ICF-ACC Life Coach (Pursuing)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Trainer/Coach
  • Leadership & Executive development
  • Wellness
  • Group Peak Performance
  • Powerful Goal Setting
  • Creating Empowering beliefs and many more.

I help individuals achieve what matters to them the most. This has also led me to contribute back to the society by associating myself with few entrepreneurship ventures I am passionate about young leaders who want to bring the best out in them and accelerated learning along with emotional intelligence are the key aspects that I coach. Being a woman and living in a world full of diversity, I have engaged myself in diversity and inclusion initiatives as I believe the world is a better place when we are far away from our biases and become inclusive in nature. I also love to facilitate coaching workshops for leaders and teams to assist with transformation – focusing on leadership styles, growth mindset and lean mindset.

The stages that I engage with people:-

  • Listening to the problems/challenges and individual needs
  • Helping to identify the biases and beliefs that are road blocks to achieve their dreams/goals.
  • Coaching to create empowering beliefs, helping achieve their goals/dreams and as well as maintaining a sustainable balanced life

So, join me in empowering your uniqueness, liberating yourself from the chains that pulls you back and transforming into the life that you love to live.