My Story

My Story

I always welcome people to explore the endless possibilities and boundless opportunities and that is how I have started to build my journey in creating Liberated Mind.

My passion towards coaching has led me to enable and empower people and leading change through the personal and professional transformation. A thought leader with a passion for coaching and mentoring with many years of industry experience focusing on value delivery and building strong organizational culture.

I have done my NLP Master Practitioner Trainer/Coach certification and pursuing ICF-ACC Life Coach and am certified to coach in multiple aspects like Leadership & Executive development, Wellness, Group Peak Performance, Powerful Goal Setting, Creating Empowering beliefs and many more. This has led me to contribute back to the society by associating myself with few entrepreneurship ventures. I facilitate workshops for leaders and teams to assist with transformation – focusing on leadership styles, growth mindset and lean mindset to develop an agile mindset. I believe in learning and connecting with people and keep attending meet ups/unconferences/hackathons. I have also been an active participant at Grace Hopper Celebration (GHCI) and submitted papers in 2016, 2017 and 2019, in the category of Presentation – Organizational Transformation, AI Driven Financial Advisor, Agile at Scale – Simplicity within complexity respectively. I have led and participated in Diversity and Inclusion Led programs that focuses on providing a platform for growth and development of diversity and inclusion and have actively participated towards Brand Building initiatives for growing, retaining & recruiting talents in organizations.

How did life influence me to become a coach? Are you also learning and growing in your life?

My Career Break Story (Life is a roller coaster ride)-

After my marriage I had to leave my job to travel to US. It was not easy to get a job in US during 2003. I still continued to look for an opportunity as I was very passionate to work. Sadly it was not that easy, then I traveled back to India in 2004 and started my job hunt. With over a year and half gap, I had to face a lot of hurdles and challenges w.r.t. the expectations from the companies on latest technologies and experience. I kept my learning hat on and I kept on trying till I got through a job in Bangalore. The experience of giving walk ins, applying in multiple job portals and facing multiple regrets, taught me to be stronger morally and helped me develop my skills to learn from failures. One of the important skills that I developed is “Persistence”.

My Motherhood Story (An experience of Lifetime)-

My daughter was born in 2007 and I took maternity leave as I was working then and I wanted to experience the sweetness of motherhood. It was exciting when I held my daughter in my arms, yet it overwhelming. Day and Night, time was not just not enough. When I joined back work, juggling my career and motherhood taught a huge lesson – how to better manage my time and make it easy. It also taught me that there is nothing called as work life balance, it is just about prioritizing your moments in life. I developed a very good skillset – “Clear Thinking”.

My Coaching Story –

Each and every phase of my life has given me immense experience and I would love to leverage my knowledge and experience and help you discover your own strength and brilliance, and to start loving yourself more, and life, you are in.