Looking for an inspiring storyteller, speaker coach?

What is your favorite Childhood Story? What did you learn from it? Does it make you feel good and empowered? Does it inspire you?

I believe in storytelling and the power it carries to transform lives. There are stories that I have come across that has inspired me and motivated me. With over 2 decades of professional experience in IT industry with exciting and demanding business environments, I have been able to bring in real world experiences to the coaching, transformation and speaking.

I am here to inspire you with stories and experiences.

Some of the topics that I love to speak –

What exactly is a brand? What is your purpose and how do you want to build your brand? I will be sharing simple yet effective tips on creating a brand of your own that makes you memorable and be unique!

The act of taking care of yourself to be able to achieve your goals and dreams is what I will be sharing about. Empower yourself using some of the techniques to become an invincible person.

We have been hearing that Empathy is one of the essential skills of a leader. What does it take to be an empathetic leader? What do you need to develop to be able enhance this skill? How does it benefit you and others?

Have you ever thought about your beliefs, values and memories? How does your beliefs create roadblocks for you? How can you create empowering beliefs to achieve happiness and success in life? I will be sharing powerful techniques that you can apply in your day to day life to be better at what you do!

Being a working mother and through the experiences of life, I learnt a lot about work-life integration. I share my stories, where I bust some myths and will give some simple tips on how to bring a balance in work and life.